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Tipco Diamond Tooling

Diamond and PCBN tooling are integral factors in achieving key economic objectives, including higher productivity. The business case for using diamond tooling continues to increase as the need for higher productivity and cutting speed increases.

Tipco is proud to offer diamond tooling services that help companies achieve their key economic goals, including higher productivity and improved timing.

The development of cutting tool materials continues to play a significant role in advancing machining technology. To date, the results include improved performance and increased tool life. More specifically, the results include:

  • Tighter tolerances
  • Improved surface finish
  • Increased cutting speeds


Product Application:

High-quality natural diamond for use in a wide range of cutting tool, draw die and wear part applications.

Diamonds used in the manufacturing process fall into one of two quality bands: 1) General (G); and, 2) Precision (P). A General quality diamond has points which are slightly more rounded than those on precision quality stones and may also contain flaws or defects (away from the dressing point). A “G” quality diamond is suitable for most workshop use, whereas a “P” quality diamond need only be specified when a very sharp point is required for fine dressing. 



Produced by sintering together micron-sized diamond particles at ultra-high pressure and temperature, in the presence of a metallic catalyst. The presence of the metal in the PC structure together with the tungsten carbide substrate gives a level of toughness and electrical conductivity not found in single crystal diamond products. For use as a brazeable cutting tip in all types of standard inserts, single or multi-edge rotary tools, and as a full-face clamp type insert.

Used for the majority of cutting operations in nonferrous metals or composite materials. Neutral or positive rake geometry is used. Designed for machining highly abrasive materials due to its extreme wear resistance will contribute to better cutting-edge quality and better chip flow characteristics.

The main advantages include improved tool life and volume of material removal.



Advantages include the following:

  • Excellent hardness characteristics, toughness, and thermal stability;
  • Highly suited to machining a wide range of cast irons and hardened steels;
  • Capable of extending and improving tool life, faster machining speeds, and better component tolerance;
  • Available in shapes and sizes for most cutting tool types.



Advantages include the following:

  • Outstanding thermal conductivity and abrasion resistance;
  • Engineered for mechanical applications for machining highly abrasive non-ferrous materials, plastics, wood-based materials and wear parts;
  • Designed to give extremely high thermal stability

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