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Ejector Components

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Tipco carries a wide range of pin slug ejector style punches. As a result, Tipco also carries a wide range of punch ejector components, including:

  • Ejector screws
  • Ejector springs
  • Ejector pins

Ejector punches help prevent slug pulling. At impact, the pin retracts until it is flush with the punch face. As a punch is withdrawn, the ejector pin functions like a spring-loaded stripper and prevents the slug from rising with the punch. Tipco's various ejector components come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. In addition, Tipco sells complete punch ejector kits.

Click on Tipco's Configurator link to design and generate a CAD model (or PDF) of your company's custom Ejector Components requirements. Afterwards, email us the CAD model (or PDF datasheet) for review and pricing. Or, contact us directly for more information about Ejector Components options.

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