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Die Buttons

Die Buttons

Tipco Punch manufacturers industrial die buttons for various industries and applications. They are used during the punching process to oppose the cutting edge with hardened steel. During the punching process, the product being punched will pass through the opening of the die button.

Tipco Punch manufactures various sizes and styles of die buttons including:

Die Button Matrix Requirements

The die button provides a hardened cutting edge to facilitate slug separation. The cavity (or hole) accepts the slug and must be long enough to permit a satisfactory number of sharpenings. The die hole shape conforms to the punch point; however, the hole is larger to provide for the necessary clearance. Below the wear land, the die hole is enlarged to permit unrestricted slug travel. 

Die button relief holes are divided into two groups:counter vs, taper relief die buttons

  1. Counter-bore - Counterbore relief die buttons are the standard catalog item.
  2. Taper relief -  Taper relief die buttons are only available upon request.

The construction type is referred to as stepped when the hole is larger at the intersection with the bottom of the wear land. The balance of the relief hole may be tapered or straight and may not conform with the shape of the die cavity. No-step construction requires that there be no step at the intersection with the wear land and that the relief hole be tapered to conform with the die cavity shape.

Both construction types are available in headless or headed types. The headless type must be press- fitted for retention. Headed die buttons may be slip-fitted to avoid distortion of the retainer plate when large numbers must be inserted. The larger bearing surface provided by the head also results in better load distribution.

Die Button Manufacturer

Our industrial die buttons are manufactured with the highest quality tool steels. Special profiles on die buttons can be manufactured to the customer’s CAD data.

We are also a progressive stamping supplier. For more information, contact us today!

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