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Punch Tooling

Punch Tooling

Tipco carries a wide range of die punches such as standard head-type and ball-lock punches as well as standard press-fit die buttons. We are also a pierce tool supplier. Standard products are available in both inch and metric sizes. Tipco is also a leading supplier of True Set® standard ball-lock, traditional headed and multi-head retainers to customers around the world. In addition, Tipco will manufacture special punches, dies and retainers according to your specifications. Beyond traditional punch tooling, we have jig grinding and wire EDM capabilities which allow us to “manufacture to print” within a highly predictable lead time.

For more demanding applications, we welcome the challenge to consider new alloy or coating systems that may be outside of our traditional materials. Frequently at Tipco, we work together with customers to extend tool life or develop prototype tooling for a new application. By partnering with our customers and successfully implementing tooling solutions, we forge long-term relationships and become a more valuable supplier.

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