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Tool Steel Heat Treatment

Tipco’s primary material is M2 for metalform tooling but can manufacture from bar stock in a wide range of cold work and powder metallurgically produced tool steels. Both Tipco US and Canada have longstanding relationships with local tool steel service centers to support quick turnaround.

Tool steels Tipco works with include: 

  • A2 tool steel
  • S7 tool steel
  • D2 tool steel
  • 1%, 3%, 4%, 9%, 10% and 15% Vanadium Steels.

Tipco Canada offers in-house custom heat treat services, specializing in vacuum hardening of all materials.  We also provide case hardening and have the ability to heat treat oil quench materials as well as an on-site salt bath nitrider for small tooling.

Contact your local Tipco Representative to get recommendations on the best material option for your application.

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