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ISO Die Springs

Mechanical Die Springs

Tipco Punch offers a line of mechanical die springs, which are used in return applications in both stamping dies and plastic injection molds. Our chrome vanadium ISO die springs have been designed in conjunction with the high technological requirements of today's stamping industry.  All springs are shot peened to reduce working stres and to improve the spring surface. They are also given an extensive stress test representing the most stringent control which a spring can tolerate. The result is a die spring which truly stands out amongst the rest.

In stamping applications, die springs are typically used on stripper plates and once the stripping action is complete, returns the stripper plate to its original position. In plastic injection molds, die springs are used on the ejector plate and return it to its original position after parts are ejected from the mold. 

Tipco offers a full line of inch, metric and JIS die springs in ISO and US standard. Our color-coded die springs are available in four duty ranges, including light load, medium duty, medium-heavy duty, heavy duty and extra-heavy duty.  Contact us today to learn more!

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